So… about foot fetishes

Author: Mark Riah 

The human feet are but one of the most important yet overlooked body parts in human anatomy. With massive societal stigma placed upon the people that dwell in this arena, one can see why this topic could be a bit of an enigma to some. Despite this, there is still a huge following of admirers that recognize the sheer beauty of a woman or mans feet. Foot fetishismfoot partialismfoot worship, or podophilia pertains to individuals that have a sexual interest in feet. This form of sexual fetishism is the most common among all fetishes but primarily among men. With that being said, I’m a foot fetishist and I’m definitely not ashamed to say it aloud. I could go on and on about why and how people end up liking feet but rather I will give you my person reasoning on the topic. 

My particual interest rank when it comes to womans feet is probably at about an 8 on a scale of 1-10. There’s just something about a womans feet that exudes sexiness to me. Whether she’s working in some heels or simply walking around the house barefoot, there’s a bit of sensual vonulabilty that I find in showing off ones feet to the world. Just recently my girlfriend of a few months found out I had a foot fetish and she was more so intrigued than turned off. When she asked me why I liked her feet so much I simply told her;

The greatest structures on Earth are only as good as their foundations. You are the most beautiful an intelligent woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and your feet carry that weight. I simply am an admirer of that fact.

Over the next few days she began to have a different perspective and respect for her cute size 6 feet. While we made love I would suck on her toes gently and slowly move down to her ankles while I kissed evey inch. She absolutely loved it, later she told me that she felt like a queen, like a goddess of our time, and in that single moment all those stigmas and preconceived notions disappeared from her mind about foot fetishes. In closing I will say, you only live once and if there are things that you want to try but are hesitant in doing sexually simply due to societal opinions, you are making a huge mistake. We are on this Earth to experience, so do just that, with all the enthusiasm and optimism that you can muster.


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